About Us

 Where, What and Who



About Us

We are a place where those who believe in Jesus Christ are equipped so that they can fulfill the destiny they have been called to fulfill; and to point the way to Jesus Christ, the Bridge of Light.



Who We Are

We are a charismatic independent ministry with an advisory team of senior ministers from different ministerial veins of the Church.  Our Senior Pastor is David Myrick.  His wife, Lisa, serves as an Associate Pastor.   David and Lisa Myrick have been teaching the Word and in various roles of ministry for over 16 years.  In 2002 the LORD called them to Hawaii.



Our Vision

Build a vibrant ministry on the Big Island of Hawaii that reaches every age group and race. To reach out throughout the South Pacific and the rest of the World to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ. and much more...



What We Believe

The Bible is God's Word and that it is without error and absolute truth. We believe that Jesus not only paid for our sins on the cross, but our peace, healing and prosperity. We believe that there is only one true God and only one way to eternal life with Him, through Jesus Christ. We believe that the God of Israel, Abraham and Isaac is the only true God.


Some of our beliefs may not be popular, but we do not seek to line up with what is popular. We seek to line up with God's Word, the Absolute Truth, the expression of His Love and Grace.   We believe our relationship with God is made possible only by what Christ did and not by what we can do to earn it.

 Statement of Faith Link   In our Statement of Faith you will find a detailed list of what we believe. Check it out.



Where We Are

Our Ministry is headquartered on the West Side of the Big Island, in Kailua-Kona. We sit on the world's largest and most active volcano, which makes life interesting at times. But God is faithful!


The Big Island of Hawaii is the largest of all of the Islands of the State of Hawaii.  In fact, you can place all of the main islands inside the Big Island and still have room.   Our landscape changes almost mile to mile.  It varies from barren lava fields to lush jungles to tall trees.  In the winter you can swim at the beach and then ski on top of the world's tallest mountain (as measured from the bottom of the sea.)


The people of Hawaii are as diverse as the landscape, with no single nationality dominating.  We are a melting pot of nations.