Listed below are a few of our Bible Studies




II Timothy 2:15

Study to show thyself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth.


While the Bible Studies that are listed below were designed for group study, they can also be used for individual study.


Please Note: All of these studies are Copyrighted with All Rights Reserved. You may duplicate the for personal use, use with a Bible Study Group, a Sunday School Class, or Bible College Class; providing that you do not change anything in the studies. The Bridges of Light Ministries name must remain on the Study; along with the website name. You can not charge anything for these studies; and that includes any fees to cover the cost of duplication.


Each study contains a Summary, Leaders Guide and a Questionnaire. The Summary provides an overview of the subject matter. The Leaders Guide is designed for use by a Group Leader or Teacher. The Questionnaire are for the study participants.


Bible Study

1) What Makes A Truth Real?

We know that God's Word is absolute Truth, but what makes that Truth a reality in our lives? If we don't see the evidence of a specific Truth, does it mean that it is a lie? Maybe this seems like a juvenile question, but I believe it lies at the root of what we struggle with as believers.


Bible Study

2) You Hear, But Can You Hear?

Your spiritual growth and fruitfulness is dependant upon the degree in which you Hear God's Word. Where you spend eternity depends on it.


Bible Study

3) It Is In His Word

"Come to the waters! Come buy bread, wine and milk without price!" cries the LORD. As we answer His call we increase our understanding of His Word and Character. As we increase our understanding we can operate with greater authority.


Bible Study

4) The Mirror

Having His image within us is like having this giant mirror in our heart. As we pursue things that don't line up with that image or accept lies as truth, the mirror becomes veiled with layers of lies. 

Are you seeing clearly?


Bible Study

5) The Bride

A great mystery is describe by the Apostle Paul as he speaks of both a Husband and Wife and of Christ and His Bride, the Church.  Explore this mystery as we examine the first Help Meet and the Last. 


Bible Study

6) Many Are Called

The wedding feast has been prepared.  All things have been made ready.  Many have been called, but few chosen.  Many rejected His call.  Where do you stand?


Bible Study

7) Face To Face

You can speak with God face to face or worship Him from your tent door. You can have more if you will pursue it.


Bible Study

8) Trust And Fear

Trust and Fear. Each reveals the lack of the other. Do you have just the knowledge of the truth or you do have something more?


  More To Come.....