You can be a part of touching Hawaii and the World!




Bridges of Light Ministries is a missions church reaching the community of Kailua-Kona, Hawaii, the Islands of Hawaii, the Islands of the South Pacific and other places around the world.


Each of us are limited to the what we can do direct.  Those we can touch.  Those that we can give aid to.   But each of us can support those who are doing the work where we can not be.


Bridges of Light Ministries is touching the world, training leaders, feeding the pour, helping children around the world direct and through the ministries that we support.   Your donations enable our efforts.



Togo, Africa - Adjete and Ellen Wilson are reaching the nation of Togo, touching hearts, training and
equipping the people of Togo. (...learn more)


Rex and Annie Lynch - Hawaii and New Zealand - (...learn more)


Alicia Turnock - Micronesia and the Democratic Republic of the Congo - (...learn more)


Your gifts enable us to continue the work here and elsewhere.


Donations to Bridges of Light Ministries are tax deductable.