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Touching the Hearts of the Children




Alicia Turnock is a missionary to Africa with a heart for the children of Africa. From the age of 13 she has had a burning desire to serve God by ministering to the people of Africa, especially the children. In 2012 she spent several months helping in an orphanage. Now she is preparing to work with Iris Global Ministries Harvest missionary school in Micronesia and then on to the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

Her vision is to establish a ministry in the Congo where the people displaced by the war can come and start new lives. In an atmosphere of safety and love the people will be taught the Gospel of Christ, focusing on God’s love for then, joy and peace available through Christ, and who they are in Christ. It will be a place where children are fed, loved and empowered.


 A place where women can come and learn different job training skills and be able to find the encouragement and rest they need. As the people come to know Christ and His love, the Gospel can spread like wild fire throughout the province, the country and the continent!


The tasks ahead are not easy, but Alicia has counted the cost and considers it worth every bit of her life.


Bridges of Light Ministries is delighted to support the vision and ministry that Alicia has embarked on. Please join us in praying for Alicia and supporting her financially.


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